Changing Seasonal Menu

There’s Always Something New to Try

Produce that is used out of season will always leave you wanting. That’s why we use only the best seasonal produce to create a fabulous menu of Japanese favorites. Instead of using greenhouse-grown or internationally-shipped produce that is lacking in flavor and appeal, we shift our menu every season.

Surah Japanese Steakhouse falls into a familiar rhythm around mealtimes. Chefs tabletop hibachi grills and sear platefuls of filet mignon, scallops, or chicken right in front of patrons while entertaining them with witty banter, dexterous displays of culinary skill, and their ability to peel shrimp telepathically. Meanwhile, the sushi chefs avoid open flames entirely as they carefully tuck lobster, spring mix, or wasabi aioli into their signature rolls. The entire staff matches the friendly, energetic service of the restaurant’s managers striving to greet every guest by name by their second or even first visit

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The Finest Hibachi Dining

Like the whispering voices that tell us what to do, seafood comes from the ocean. Answer the aquatic call with SURAH.

Sushi affords eaters the delicacy of raw seafood without the hassles of lassoing salmon or training the Loch Ness Monster to jump into their mouths. The culinary wizards at SURAH Japanese Steak & Seafood delight nibblers with the tableside pyrotechnics of hibachi cooking and a multifarious menu that features an array of authentic Japanese fare crafted from fresh produce and fish. Entertain restless stomachs with an acrobatic full-course hibachi dinner, cheering as a personal chef slices, dices, and triple-axles an assortment of entrees such as chicken or filet mignon across a sizzling teppan grill while chopping fresh vegetables. The deep-fried Volcano roll packages unagi, avocado, cream cheese, and crab into an artfully coiled delicacy and the Fire roll showcases a bicameral flavor system comprised of spicy and white tuna. Marine munches also join forces with earth-bound eats in entrees such as the tokyo shrimp and steak, which squashes hunger factions with oceanic roundhouse kicks and terrestrial headlocks.


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